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Project Date User Activity Issue Comment Hours
qMp (Quick Mesh Project) - Packages 08/08/2014 Simó Albert i Beltran Maintenance Error #311: [redmine] the role "informador" cannot edit wiki change redmine configuration 0.10
qMp (Quick Mesh Project) - Packages 06/13/2014 Roger Pueyo Centelles Maintenance Error #292: Wireless card is configured with SHORT-GI-20 despite not supporting it Fixed but further work is needed 2.00
qMp (Quick Mesh Project) - Packages 04/03/2014 Roger Pueyo Centelles Maintenance Característica #281: Setting hwmode to "auto" in /etc/config/wireless for 802.11(b)gn devices makes them work only at 802.11g's 54 Mb/s Solved with Pau 1.00
qMp (Quick Mesh Project) - Packages 02/21/2014 Simó Albert i Beltran Maintenance Error #277: Wrong URL in redmine notification emails. Fix and test the solution. 0.25
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