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Pau Escrich, 10/07/2011 01:51 PM


Qmpfw is a tool for developers to create a development enviroment for qMp.

Basically it consists in one Makefile, so it is called using `make` command.

Directory structure

There are several directories. This is the functionallity for each of them:

  • build: here you will have all needed sources
  • build/configs: if you do some change in config file using `menuconfig` option, the new config is placed here (and also in destination target)
  • dl: download folder for OpenWRT packages
  • configs: config files for each kind of hardware. These are the default ones provided by qmpfw

Command options

To compile a qMp image from scratch, you need to specify the target (next example with target=rspro):
This command will run all necessary commands to compile the image. After the compilation you can see the OpenWRT code in directory: build/[target]
  • make T=rspro build
Also you can specify the number of parallel processes for compilation and the verbose level:
  • make V=99 J=2 T=rspro build
To see list of avaiable targets run:
  • make list_targets

To update targets (this will update qmp and eigennet feeds, not openwrt source):

This will update all targets
  • make update
This will update only rspro target
  • make T=rspro update
To run menuconfig (from openwrt):
  • make T=rspro menuconfig

After that, the new config file will be applied to destination target and also it will by copied inside build/configs directory

To run kernel menuconfig (from openwrt):
  • make T=rspro kernel_menuconfig

TODO: copy kernel config file in build/configs directory

To clean specific target:
  • make T=rspro clean
To clean all targets:
  • make clean
To configure some general parameters from qMp you can run:
  • make config

TODO: This feature is missing