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bmx6/qMp crashed, why? (attached files)man

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I could not access this device, and it was because the memory was full of logs of bmx6.
I also think that interfaces crashed, but I am not very sure.
This device was exposed to Internet (not doing mesh), prepared to do GRE tunels with other qMp networks.

Perhaps this logs would help to improve bmx6 or qMp in the case of attacks.

If a cron do compression in .tar.gz of the log files could be affordable by the router?
The 132MB of logs were compressed to 4MB

/tmp directory before the reboot

/etc directory after reboot. Backup from the luci interface

[I only removed /etc/tinc/rsa_key.priv]
Let me know if I am exposing an important file

I will move this router alix to my house to be able to perform hard reset because in this case I needed physical access to this device. It was not connected to Poblenou mesh network in order to test first the tunneling without exchanging a lot of routes. Only adding a new router to Sants/UPC network, so there was no backup connection possible.

In the crash I could not get access via wan port qMp (ssh/luci). In the lab I used a non-used lan/client port with a DHCP server.

tmp.tar.gz (3.74 MB) guifi pedro, 08/11/2014 09:14 PM

etc.tar.gz (12.7 KB) guifi pedro, 08/11/2014 09:14 PM


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Please submit it to BMX6's issues tracker:

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Old issue that I'm unable to reproduce.

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