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4.0-Macondo: - general setup clearance about qmp and its compilation

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I would like to get and compile release 4.0-Macondo not 4.0-rc1-Macondo or 4.0-rc1 because there are no available packages in for both of "-rc1".

1. How to setup git branch for pure 4.0? "git checkout 4.0" results finally 4.0-rc1 binaries in compilation and link to nonexisted 4.0-rc1 packages

2. Why info about Your packages site - - presents false sample links: src/gz qmp ?
No "downloads" in address before, fake "4.1" release, not needed "/" at the end of link...

3. Where are sample images showing network configuration "qmp_community_mode.png" from

4. What (package/configuration) is needed to get proper mesh map on webpage: .../cgi-bin/luci/qmp/Mesh/Graph - now there is no image showing actual mesh relation between nodes.


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Just to clarify things, version 4.0 (codenamed Macondo) is the latest stable release (as of late 2018). Versions "4.0-rc1-Macondo" or "4.0-rc1" are the same thing, the 1st release candidate for version 4.0 Macondo. In general terms, the whole collection of packages is only available for the latest release, so for the 4.0-rc1 or the oldstable 3.2.1 (codenamed Clearance) versions, only the precompiled binaries are kept; not the packages. But you may compile them on your own, that's for granted.

  1. I have no clue how checking out the "4.0" branch ended up building the "4.0-rc1" version; I'll try to investigate it. However, here are some questions/tips:
  1. There is no such 4.1 release yet, you should take it just as a fictional example. The same as when you read, or http://YOUR_SERVER_IP; it's not a fake IP, it's meant to be an example. The "" link is not a fake link, it's a mistake and it should read "". Again, sorry about that. Now it's been fixed, but you could have imagined it, couldn't you?
  1. Most of the attached images, documents and files were accidentally removed and, most likely, were lost forever. So sad, there was no backup! :(
  1. The Graph page actually belongs to the luci-app-bmx6 package at You may want to open a pull request there and notify the maintainers. Additionally, you are very welcome to contribute your code to fix it! :)

Last, but not least, it might be better to write to the qMp mailing lists than opening an issue here. Check for more information.

You're welcome!

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