New qMp map tool is an OpenStreets map based tool for visualize the status of the mesh nodes
Added by Pau Escrich almost 11 years ago

The qMp firmware has a new map agent based on the
Altermesh map tools which can be found here [1]. The difference with the
one included in qMp (b6m) is that this second one is distributed and
altermap is centralized and needs a central server to work.

It is very simple, easy to use and it consumes a very few amount of
resources in the node, so I have thought it would be nice to have it in
parallel with b6m. For quick deployments where nodes are moving, using
it does not have any sense but b6m yes.

To use it you need to have the last qMp version. Once it boots, every
hour it will send some information about the node to the central server
(which is currently managed by AlterMundi people). Execute
"altermap-agent" to force the refresh of the information.

Then the node owner must go to [3], select the network and click
the button "Add node". In the field have to be introduced the exact
hostname of the node (i.e GSalcolea46-fs), and then pick the map
position and you are done!!

I hope you enjoy it!