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h2. Òmnium Cultural a la Fira de Sant Jordi
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_"La tecnologia que es va emprar pel desplegament WiFi va ser qmp (quick mesh project).  El balanç és molt positiu. Trànsit més o menys constant i més de 270 usuaris, connectats majoritàriament a través d’smartphones."_
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Roger Melcior
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h2. Fossil Festival 2012 
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"As part of this year’s Fossil Festival we have been developing digital tools that facilitate learning about the geology and biology of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site in new ways, however one important question remained: how can we get internet access to the people using these tools on devices on the ground, in particular along the coast? Typically WiFi routers can cover an area up to around 100m, assuming there are no obstructions. Increasing the signal strength of a router can increase this range, but requires that all the devices using the router are capable of transmitting a signal at an equivalent strength. Unfortunately many of the devices we wish to use, such as smart phones and tablet computers are not capable of transmitting at distances much greater than this."
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_"An additional technology that I had the opportunity of learning about while in Barcelona is the Quick MESH Project. MESH protocols provide additional functionality to the standard access point or ad-hoc wireless networks, by automatically reconfiguring themselves to find paths through the network however the individual routers are arranged. Although we will be using at least one MESH device at this year’s festival the real benefit will come in future years when we have a number of these devices and can easily provide internet access in different locations using mobile base stations that can be moved around as necessary without having to reconfigure the network or re-align antennae."_
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"Eduard Baker":
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Biodiversity Informatician and Drupal Developer
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Natural History Museum & Buckland Club
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h2. Mercatec (17 i 18 de maig del 2012 a Manresa)
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_"El desplegament ha sigut realment ràpid... Amb 1 hora ho he tingut tot operatiu els tres nodes muntats i funcionant, tenint en compte que m'he hagut d'enfilar amb una escala i he hagut de crimpar cables i deixar-ho tot net, polit i endreçat. Funcionen perfectament i hi ha cobertura a tot l'espai."_ 
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Xavier Martienz Lladó
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h2. RCMB