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Roger Pueyo Centelles, 05/23/2014 07:00 PM

New device

This howto explains how to port a new device to the qMp firmware generator. It is required to have a UNIX based system with GNU-Make intalled.

  • Get qmpfw (Firmware generator)
    git clone git://

    Or if you have developer access use, instead:
    git clone
  • Execute menuconfig to checkout sources and launch the OpenWRT menuconfig
    make T=NEW_DEVICE_NAME menuconfig
  • Then enable/disable the desired options in menuconfig (remember to enable base/qmp-small-node or base/qmp-big-node)
  • Exit and save
  • Compile the sources
    make T=NEW_DEVICE_NAME build

If compilation suceeds you will get an error in the last step (when trying to copy the output binaries into images/ directory).
Don't worry, identify the name of the output binary: ls build/NEW_DEVICE_NAME/bin/*/
Then modify with some text editor, and add the new entry for your device as shown in the next example for Nanostation M5

 ifeq ($(T),nsm5)
 NAME:=NanoStation M5
  • Compile again
    make T=NEW_DEVICE_NAME build
  • If this time all works fine, copy the temporal config files
    cp -rf build/configs/NEW_DEVICE_NAME configs/
  • Then prepare the patch
    git add configs/NEW_DEVICE_NAME
    git add
    git commit -m 'Support for new device NEW_DEVICE_NAME'
    git diff > ../NEW_DEVICE_NAME.patch

    And send it to the developers list:

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