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h1. Wiki

h2. Technical information

h3. To delete when qMp the new website will be launched system

_This articles are (and should be) in the user-friendly site._

* [[Get qMp|How to get qMp firmware]]
* [[Environment|How to set the development environment]]
* [[Screenshots|Some screenshots]]
* [[Devices|Supported Devices]]

h3. qMp the system

[[Starting|How to start a community deployment]]
* [[Packages|Package repository for opkg]]
* [[Config|The configuration file]]
* [[Gateways|Mesh Gateways]]
* [[Wireless autoconf|How Wireless autoconf system works]]
* [[Upgrade_system| The upgrade system]]
* [[Roaming-Collaborative| The network modes: Roaming and Community]]
* [[Virtualbox|How to emulate qMp with VirtualBox or QEMU]]
* [[Control|A first approach to a centralized control]]
* [[Releases|Releases Changelog]]

h3. For users

* [[Connect_ipv6|Connect to a node using IPv6 link-local address]]
* [[Guifi_oneclick|Guifi oneclick configuration system]]

h3. For Developers

* [[Environment|How to set the development environment]]
[[Repository|Git repository rules and good practices for developers]]
* [[OpenITP|Proposed tasks for OpenITP funding program]]
* [[SpecificHwConfig|Specific Hardware Configurations]]
* [[AddBatmanAdv|Add batman-adv cloud]]

h3. Firmware

* [[qmpfw|The Firmware generator]]
* [[New_device|How to add a new device in the qmpfw]]

h3. Testing beta stuff

* [[Net_devices_mode|Network interface modes (draft)]]
* [[Lua_model|The LUA API]]
* [[Bgp|BGP configuration draft]]
* [[host_autoassignment_ipv6|Autoassignment of IPv6 host-oriented prefixes and collision estimation]]

h3. Others

* [[Screenshots|Some screenshots]]
[[Openwrt|Some OpenWRT instructions]]
* [[Media|Recull de premsa]]
* [[AirCam_NS|AirCam in a NSM5 (Using LuCI)]]
* [[Active3GUSB|Active Dongle USB 3G]]

h2. Hardware and devices

* [[Devices|Supported Devices]]
* [[Monster Box|MonsterBox v1]]
* [[Monster Box v2|MonsterBox v2]]