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Pau Escrich, 12/29/2012 06:23 PM


The gateways of the mesh are those nodes who are able to reach some other networks, such as the Internet or another wireless community,and are used as a door for the nodes of the mesh who cannot reach these networks directly.

In bmx6 this gateways are reached using IP tunnels between the node who offer the network and the node who wants to fetch the network.

A node (not gateway) should look for some specific network, as shown in the next /etc/config/bmx6 configuration example:

config 'tunOut'
    option 'tunOut' 'ipv6'
    option 'network' '::/0'

config 'tunOut'
    option 'tunOut' 'inet'
    option 'network' ''
    option 'maxPrefixLen' '0'

config 'tunOut'  
    option 'tunOut' 'guifi'    
    option 'network' ''
    option 'maxPrefixLen' '8'

config 'tunOut'
    option 'tunOut' 'cloud'
    option 'network' ''
    option 'minPrefixLen' '16'
  1. ipv6 Look for all IPv6 announcements
  2. inet Look only for v4 internet (and not smaller)
  3. guifi Look for the big announcements to other networks, inside the subnetwork not smaller than /8
  4. cloud Lookg for all (small) announcements from /16 to /32 inside the subnetwork

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