Net devices mode

In qMp system an interface (i.e eth0) can be configured as different modes:

  • LAN The interfaces defined here are bridged and used to give IPs to the clients (by dhcp server)
  • WAN The interfaces defined here are waiting for a dhcp reply to get the gateway configuration
  • MESH The interfaces selected as mesh will use the dynamic routing protocols to reach the rest of nodes

qMp uses VLAN tagging to split the routing protocols and to be able to use a LAN device as WAN too and in the other side.
So in the next table can be seen how an interface "eth0" is configured depending on the mode.

Mode Lan bridge interface Dhcp client interface Mesh routing interface
LAN eth0 eth0.2 -
WAN eth0.1 eth0 (eth0.11,eth0.12?)
Mesh eth0.1 - eth0.11, eth0.12

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