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Victor Oncins, 03/30/2013 10:28 AM

OpenITP 2013 grant proposal tasks

The proposed tasks can be divided in two blocks:

  1. Incorporation of new characteristics of codificaton and authentication

    1.1 Generic system of exchange of public keys between QMP nodes
    1.2 Implementation of encryption and authentication of the internode IEEE802.11 links in ad-hoc mode (WPA/WEP)
    1.3 Automatic and safe exchange of WPA/WEP key between trusted nodes

  1. Improvement of the usability (UX) and the stability of the code

    2.1 Rewriting ot the user management interface in Lua code and improvement of its usability
    2.2 Improvement of the stability of geoposition packages
    2.3 Enhancement of the capacity of BMX6 control messages