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Simó Albert i Beltran, 12/02/2012 02:30 PM
Bugfix branches.



The qMp git repository is split in three branches:

  1. Master
  2. Testing
  3. Other/Features


This is the main branch and all changes committed here must be tested in Testing branch before.

However the small bugfixes can be directly applied here. These changes must be merged in the testing branch.


This is the branch for test new features and changes. The features must be already working features tested before
in a specific branch by at least the developer. A feature can be committed here only when it is finished, but not
in a middle state.


The rest of the branches are temporal branches. If it is about a new feature the name of the branch must be
the name of the feature (of some name which identifies it). These branches are considered non-functional, so
a non-finished feature can be committed here. Once the feature is finish and tested by at least the developer,
it should be merged to testing.

A bugfix must be solved in a new branch. This branch must be based in a commit of the master branch. This branch can't be based in a commit of the testing branch because this branch can has new features, and these new features maybe can't be imported in the master branch. This new branch can be merged in testing.

o---o---o---o---o master
     \         /
      o---o---o issue#23
o---o---o---o---o testing 

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