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Asymetric BMX6 link on ethernet bridge interface

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This problem is reproduced in Clearance 3.2.1 and Nanostation M5 XM. When LAN and MESH role (12 VID tagged) is selected on wired interface, the BMX6 shows (bmx6 -c links) txRate=0 rxRate=100, so egress tagged frames are not transmitted to adjacent node.

Some tests were done. The original /etc/config/network showed:

config device 'lan_12'
option type '8021q'
option name 'lan_12'
option ifname 'br-lan'
option vid '12'
option proto 'static'

if this section is replaced by:

config device 'lan_12'
option type '8021q'
option name 'lan_12'
option ifname 'eth0'
option vid '12'
option proto 'static'

the problem seems to be solved.


#1 Updated by Roger Pueyo Centelles about 6 years ago


I see the problem but I can't reproduce it on different hardware (I am using virtual machines as I don't have a NanoStation M5 XM right now). Could it be related to the hardware?

Please, can you attach the /etc/config/qmp, /etc/config/network and /etc/config/bmx6 files? Just to make sure I'm reproducing the same set-up.

#2 Updated by Roger Pueyo Centelles almost 6 years ago

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Until now, when an interface (e.g. eth0) was configured to work as LAN and MESH, it was first put inside the br-lan bridge (correct), and then VLAN 12 was created on top of the br-lan interface (wrong). This means that, if another interface was configured to be in the br-lan bridge, it would also be used for meshing even if it wasn't meant to. This is exemplified by the original /etc/config/network excerpt posted above.

Since commit 8d26005ddfac76885c1a851fbf1eb736aa8aabf9, and for the same case as above, VLAN 12 will be created on top of eth0, not on top of the br-lan bridge. This will lead to a /etc/config/network configuration matching the second excerpt reported, which is known to be working properly.

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