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h1. Roaming-Community/Collaborative

QMP permits the configuration of two network modes. Roaming is made to be used in quick deployments. Community is made to be used in static deployments (like Network Community).


Veiem les diferencies entre un model i l'altre, amb les seves caractristiques propies.

h2. Roaming

# Double NAT
Doble nat
# APs with the same Mateix SSID

# All AP has the same IP (
GW (igual a tots els nodes)
# Captive portal enabled at all No visió entre clients a diferents nodes


# Roaming between APs, so Portal Captiu a client can change from one AP to another without lost the connectivity

# No connection between clients of different AP

tots els nodes

h2. Community


# NAT just enabled at als nodes de sortida a internet nodes (ipv4)

# APs with different Difernts SSID
(potser `qmp.ap-${HASH}`)
# BMX6 publish the HNA of the LAN network
a bmx amb tot el rang de dhcpd
# Captive portal only enabled at Visió tothom amb tothom.
# Portal Captiu als nodes de sortida a
internet nodes

# Clients of different APs are able to see themselves

# There is no roaming between APs