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12:02 PM bmx6 Revision e95a20e3: Add sample Android file
11:41 AM bmx6 Revision 6243447f: Remove some trailing whitespaces
There are more in the code, but too many to just remove at once
11:38 AM bmx6 Revision 3277505b: Use from
11:38 AM bmx6 Revision b409e7b9: Also accept .git as a file in case we are a submodule
Also, the usage of REVISION_VERSION is a bit strange. It's much easier to
avoid redefining GIT_REV, so that we can us...
11:38 AM bmx6 Revision bf71661c: Minor changes to improve readability
11:38 AM bmx6 Revision 477ab171: Moved common stuff into a separate makefile
11:38 AM bmx6 Revision abf6cf93: Add a very basic .gitignore
11:38 AM bmx6 Revision ed4c33b8: Add to compile with the Android NDK
Also, some more fixes that were preventing it from building with the


05:20 PM bmx-android Revision e0e563eb: Clean up before running bmx
04:34 PM bmx-android Revision d9d6f334: Run bmx in the foreground, show ip route output

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