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  • b6m

    A dynamic bmx6 map.

  • Battlemesh experiments

    A project to host Battlemesh experiments' code

  • bmx6

    BMX Mesh networking protocol

    BMX Mailing List

    For question and discussion please register via

    BMX6/7 in LEDE and OpenWRT

    Bmx6 and bmx7 are in the routing feed of LEDE and OpenWRT. To install it from a existing system you can use opkg...

  • Drizzle

    Drizzle is a modest attempt to create a network of centrally managed access points based on batman advanced.

  • gwck

    A tool to check gateway connectivity and perform actions in consequence.

    Available modules:

    • Specific routes for tests.
    • Control bmx6.
    • Control bmxd.
    • Control batmand.
    • Control squid-splash.
    • Control
    • Wait default route.
    • Reboot gateway using expect routine....
  • memo

    Mobility performance Evaluation of Mesh rOuting protocols (MEMO)

  • Network Characterization

    A tool to monitor nodes in a community network, display collected data in a user-friendly manner and perform administrative tasks.

  • qMp (Quick Mesh Project) - Packages

    Firmware for embedded network devices based on OpenWRT Linux operating system

    • bmx6-luci

      bmx6-luci is a module for LUCI, the web interface of OpenWRT

  • qMp firmware cooker

    qMp firmware images cooker based on LibreMesh's lime-sdk cooker

  • sahs
    Script to scanning the Ad-hoc Networks with some Hardware (now NS), and use led to information:
    • Number of AdHoc networks.
    • Number different channels.
    • Clients in each channel.
  • sandbox

    Testing redmine with apache2, passenger, gitosis and git-http-backend.

  • synctincvpn

    Eina web per gestiona els nodes en tincvpn

  • wibed-research

    In the last years off-the-shelf IEEE802.11 routers have become the standard hardware to build community networks. This project is aimed at designing, deploying and testing a testbed to allow for experimenting on this scenario. The solution is a continuation of the work done during the Wireless Battle Mesh events. The main design requirements are to have a number of nodes not fewer than 25 and to have at least a path not shorter than 9 hops. This project is part or the CONFINE (Community Networks Testbed for the Future Internet). The testbed is located at the Campus Nord of UPC (Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya)...

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